1. The Quantitative Diagnosis Method of Rubbing Rotor System

Hongliang Yao, Qi Xu, Zhaohui Ren and Bangchun Wen

2. Effect of Different Muscle Temperature of Human Kinematic Characteristic

I Kliziene, S Sipaviciene, G Cizauskas and V Linonis

3. Performance Degradation Assessment and Fault Diagnosis of Bearing Based on EMD and PCA-SOM

Lu Chen and Yuan Hang

4. An Analysis of Gear Based on Isogeometric Analysis

Qingsi Cheng, Guolai Yang and Jia Lu

5. Performance Assessment and Fault Diagnosis for Hydraulic Pump Based on WPT and SOM

Bei Jikun, Lu Chen and Wang Zili

6. A Study of Inertia Force Identification by Inverse Method Between Cantilever Structure and Moving Mass

H Yan, Q Chen, G Yang, R Xu and M Wang

7. Identification of Certain Artillery Kinetic Parameters by Limited Memory Least Square Method

R Xu, Q Chen, G Yang and H Yang

8. Application of Information-Geometric Support Vector Machine on Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Pump

Zhipeng Wang, Chen Lu and Zili Wang

9. Bearing Health Assessment Using Gaussian Mixed Model Based on a Hybrid Feature Extraction Schemer

Zhipeng Wang, Chen Lu, Zili Wang and Jian Ma

10. Health Assessment for Tools in Milling Machine Using the Mahalanobis–Taguchi System Based on WPT-AR

Chen Lu, Yujie Cheng, Zhipeng Wang and Jikun Bei

11. Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on EMD-TEO and Mahalanobis Distance

Lu Chen, Hu Jiameng, Liu Hongmei and Wang Jing

12. Online Milling Tool Wear Monitoring Based on Continuous Hidden Markov Models

Chen Lu and Tieying Li

13. Development of Vital Signs Detection System with Velocity Sensors

Chih-Chieh Liu, Chinghua Hung and Huaiching Chien

14. Health Assessment and Fault Classification for Centrifugal Pump Using Logistic Regression

Chen Lu and Jian Ma

15. The Rolling Bearing Fault Feature Extraction Method Under Variable Conditions Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform and Singular Value Decomposition

Hongmei Liu, Xuan Wang and Chen Lu

16. Effect of the Change of Inertial, Elastic and Dissipative Parameters on the Ride Comfort of a Road Vehicle

L Muñoz and A Polanco

17. Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Wen Hsiang Hsieh, Guan-Heng Lin and Chia-Heng Tsai

18. Vibration Torque Measurement and Mechanism Analysis of Rotary Stepping Motor

Hao Zhao

19. Enhancement of Gear Fault Detection Using Narrowband Interference Cancellation

J S Kang, X H Zhang, E Bechhoefer and H Z Teng

20. Vibroactive Pad Improvement Using Stack Type Piezoactuator

R Šakalys, A Palevičius and G Janušas

21. Cogging Torque Reduction of Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors by Finite-Element Method

Yi-Chang Wu, Wan-Tsun Tseng and Pei-Li Tsai

22. An Overview of Classification Techniques for Human Activity Recognition

P Dohnálek, P Gajdoš, T Peterek and V Snášel

23. A Delay Analysis of Mass Volume Train Security Detection Network

Deqiang He, Qiyang Liu and Hao Lei

24. Research of Multi-Information Integration for the Aircraft Ground De-icing Monitoring System Based on GIS and GPRS

Bin Chen and Liwen Wang

25. Structural Synthesis and Configuration Analysis of Broken Strands Repair Operation Metamorphic Mechanism

Q Yang, H G Wang and S J Li

26. Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Analysis of a Diesel Engine Piston

Hongyuan Zhang and Dawei Xu

27. Strength Prediction Model of Eutectic Composite Ceramics Mainly Composed of Rod-Shaped Crystals

Xiequan Liu, Cheng Chen and Xinhua Ni

28. Fracture Toughness of Ceramic Composite Containing Damage Eutectics and Transformation Particles

Xinhua Ni, Yunwei Fu and Long Zhang

29. The Effect of Stress Arching on the Permeability Sensitive Experiment in the Su Lige Gas Field

Fanliao Wang, Xiangfang Li, Gary Couples, Mingchuan Wang, Yiqun Zhang and Jingjing Zhao

30. Review and Analysis on Main Technology of Exoskeletal Robot System for Upper Limbs Rehabilitation

Liang Zhao, Mingshi Chen, Qing Wu

31. Study of Deformation-Compensated Modeling for Flexible Material Path Processing Based on Fuzzy Neural Network and Fuzzy Clustering

Yaohua Deng, Sicheng Chen, Jiayuan Chen, Hui Chen and Liming Wu