1. Research of Elastic Parameters of Paper and Prints

S Grigaliūnienė, V Turla, J Sidaravičius, P Ragauskas and A Kilikevičius

2. Research of Cargo Delivery Errors by Conveyance using Lifting Mechanism

V K Augustaitis, V Gičan, A Jakštas, B Spruogis and V Turla

3. Various Types of Piezomechanics Systems: Their Regimen and Experimental Analysis

L Patasiene, K Ragulskis, A Fedaravicius and A Survila

4. Numerical Investigation of Dynamical Properties of Vibroactive Pad

B Narijauskaitė, A Palevičius, G Janušas and R Šakalys

5. Simulation of Performance Characteristics of a Magnetorheological Shock-Absorber at the Dependence of Rheological Properties from the Magnetic Field

V A Bilyk, E V Korobko and V A Kuzmin

6. Application of Flat Controlled Damping Constructions for Vibroprotection of Elements of On-board Precision Equipment

A Bubulis, V P Roisman, E V Korobko, M A Zhurauski and A O Karabko

7. Identification of Vibration Transfer to Car-body from Road Roughness by Driving Car

R Burdzik

8. The Study of the Dynamic Properties of Some Structural Components of Harmonic Drive

P Folęga

9. Investigation of Oil - Water Ultrasound Emulsifier

A Navickas, E Puida, A Bubulis, V Jurenas and A Pauliukas

10. Piezoelectric Actuator for Micro Robot Used in Nanosatellite

R Bansevicius, S Navickaite, V Jurenas and A Bubulis

11. Development of Spherical Ultrasonic Motor for Critical Environment

S Toyama and N Fukaya

12. Limb’s Vibrations Exercise Monitoring with MEMS Accelerometer to Identify Influence of Cardiovascular System

M Venslauskas, V Ostasevičius and V Marozas

13. Simulation Model of Polyurethane Foam for Uniaxial Dynamical Compression

D Cirkl and T Hruš

14. Wave Displacement

K Ragulskis and L Ragulskis

15. Measurement of Stresses in the Vibrating Elements of a Printing Device

V Bivainis, E Kibirkštis, L Gegeckienė, N Buškuvienė, V Miliūnas and L Ragulskis

16. Opto-Acoustic Method of Tissue Oxygenation and its Biomedical Application

M M Asimov, R M Asimov, V T Minchenya and D B Vladimirov

17. Boundary Element Modeling of Acoustic Fields Generated During Ultrasonic Angioplasty

A Bubulis, D Stepanenko, V Minchenya, V Veikutis, I Adzerikho and R Sakalauskas

18. Investigation of Sound Properties of High Density Polyethylene / Styrene Butadiene Rubber Polymer Composites

S Ersoy and A El-Hafid

19. Identification of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Compound by Solving Inverse Problems

A V Goroshko, V P Royzman and A Bubulis

20. Periodic Skeletons of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems in the Problems of Global Bifurcation Analysis

M Zakrzhevsky, I Schukin, A Klokov and E Shilvan

21. The Exact Nonlinear Dynamics. New Bifurcation Groups with Chaos and Rare Attractors

M Zakrzhevsky

22. Numerical Investigation of Air-Coupled Generation of Lamb Waves Using Rectangular Phased Arrays

A Vilpišauskas and R Kažys

23. Output Power Optimization of Energy Harvester, Employing Segmentation of Its Electrodes

G Janusas, I Milasauskaite, V Ostasevicius, V Grigaliunas, R Dauksevicius and R Gaidys

24. Research of Compressive and Shear Stiffness of Laminated Elastomeric Structures

V Gonca and S Polukoshko

25. Features of Dynamics of Antivibration Mounts with Inertial Hydraulic Converter Subjected to Vibro-Impact Loading

A N Brysin, A N Nikiforov, G Ya Panovko and A E Shokhin