10. Trajectory optimization of maypole braiding machine carrier

Wensuo Ma1, Kai Chen2, Lei Ding3

Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang, China

2Corresponding author

E-mail: 1mawensuo@126.com, 218738307135@163.com, 3wjdinglei@126.com

(Received 14 September 2015; received in revised form 19 October 2015; accepted 27 October 2015)

Abstract. Unreasonable trajectory is the main factor that limits the stable motion of the carrier of maypole braiding machine. The kinematical model of the carrier is established. The acute change of the load causes severe vibration of the carrier in the straight line segment of the -shape trajectory. Combination curve of modified trapezoid is used for optimizing trajectory. The result shows that the maximum dimensionless jerk of the carrier is decreased obviously. The trajectory of tangent equal circles (simplified TEC) is obtained in the optimization objective of minimum load fluctuation and leads to the vibration and noise of braiding machine be reduced notability. The design theory of machine has been provided in this research, which can improve the overall performance of the braiding machine.

Keywords: braiding machine carrier, movement trajectory, load fluctuation, performance optimization.


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