9. Simulation of viscoelastic materials by ABAQUS

Nader Mohammadi1, Mehrdad Nasirshoaibi2

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Parand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1nmohamady@ut.ac.ir, 2mehrdadnasirshoaibi@gmail.com

(Received 11 May 2015; received in revised form 23 July 2015; accepted 11 August 2015)

Abstract. The goal of present article is to simulate the behavior of viscoelastic materials. By using ABAQUS software, we can simulate the behavior of viscoelastic materials, conditional to calculate storing shear module and wasting module of viscoelastic materials by the test. First, we give descriptions required parameters such as shear module and loss factor in order to anticipate the behavior of viscoelastic materials. Then, the measurement of each above variable will be illustrated by test. To make use of the result from test, related theories should be explained in brief. Finally, resultant variables are used to simulate in ABAQUS software. The results of test are compared with software results. This comparison indicates that the results are well consistent.

Keywords: simulation, viscoelastic materials, ABAQUS software, vibration level.


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