7. Single-pass finite element simulation of ECAP brass

Yangbo Liu1, Changshui Wu2, Sheng Lu3, Xianzheng Ling4

School of Automotive Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai 201620, China

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 118521569649@163.com, 2wuchangshui@sues.edu.cn, 3982737858@qq.com, 4542702499@qq.com

(Received 16 November 2015; accepted 27 December 2015)

Abstract. Using DEFORM-3D with the single channel brass H63 channel Angle extrusion deformation of computer simulation, such as extrusion process for the change of load, velocity of billet, the effective stress and the distribution of strain rate, grain size billets are analyzed, and the results show that the friction force had a great influence on extrusion process of load, the change of effective stress and strain rate trend, along with the change of extrusion for grain size refinement in a certain extent, but the different location of grain size and distribution is uneven. For the ECAP (equal channel presents pressing) grain refining process of industrial production and application to provide certain theoretical basis.

Keywords: ECAP, finite element method, plastic deformation, grain refinement.


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