1570. The influence of constructional damping of mounting on the Mecynorrhina Torquata beetle wing‑based frame vibrations

Wojciech Sochacki1, Piotr Rosikoń2, Sandra Topczewska3

Częstochowa University of Technology, Institute of Mechanics and Machine Design Foundations,
Częstochowa, Poland

2Corresponding author

E-mail: 1sochacki@imipkm.pcz.czest.pl, 2p.rosikon@imipkm.pcz.pl, 3s.topczewska@imipkm.pcz.pl

(Received 6 September 2014; received in revised form 4 November 2014; accepted 15 March 2015)

Abstract. This paper presents the experimental study and numerical simulation on the influence of the constructional damping of mounting on the beetle wing-based frame vibrations. The physical model consist of four parts arranged horizontally and is based on the main structure of wing venation. The damping vibration was modelled by placing individual hyper viscous rotary dampers supports. The numerical modelling results and the experimental data were compared.

Keywords: damped vibration, wing-based frame, viscous rotary damper, biomimetic.


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Sochacki Wojciech, Rosikoń Piotr, Topczewska Sandra The influence of constructional damping of mounting on the Mecynorrhina Torquata beetle wing‑based frame vibrations. Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. 17, Issue 2, 2015, p. 988‑994.


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