1563. Experimental investigation of high temperature thermal‑vibration characteristics for composite wing structure of hypersonic flight vehicles

Dafang Wu1, Yuewu Wang2, Ying Pu3, Lan Shang4, Zhentong Gao5

School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Beijing 100191, China

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1wudafang@buaa.edu.cn, 2wangyuewu@buaa.edu.cn, 3puying9101@163.com, 4buaashang@163.com, 5buaagaozt@126.com

(Received 24 December 2014; received in revised form 11 February 2015; accepted 10 March 2015)

Abstract. A thermal-vibration test system is established by combining the high‑temperature transient heating simulation system and vibration test apparatus, and this system can carry out experimental research on the thermal modal of high-temperature-resistant composite wing structure of hypersonic flight vehicles under high temperature environment with 1100C. The vibration signals of the composite wing structure in high-temperature environments are transmitted to non‑high temperature field by using self-developed extension configurations and then the vibration signals are measured and identified by using ordinary acceleration sensors. Based on a time‑frequency joint analysis technique, the experimental data is analyzed and processed to obtain the key vibration characteristic parameters of composite wing structure, such as the natural frequency and mode shapes, in a thermal-vibration coupled environment up to 1100C. The experimental results provide an important basis for the dynamic performance analysis and safety design of composite wing structure under high-temperature thermal‑vibration conditions.

Keywords: composite material, wing structure, high-temperature environments, vibration performance, hypersonic flight vehicles.


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