78. Design of the testing system for solid propellant rocket motor thrust measurements using mathematical modelling techniques

Algimantas Fedaravičius1, Saulius Račkauskas2, Arvydas Survila3, Laima Patašienė4

Institute of Defence Technologies, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania

2Corresponding author

E-mail: 1algimantas.fedaravicius@ktu.lt, 2saulius.rackauskas@ktu.edu, 3arvydas.survila@ktu.lt, 4laima.patasiene@ktu.lt

(Received 6 October 2015; received in revised form 10 December 2015; accepted 21 December 2015)

Abstract. This paper describes design technique of solid fuel rocket motor testing system for its thrust measuring capabilities. The design process consists of 2 parts. In first part the mathematic modelling technique will be described for the mechanical section, in second – electrical. This will help to explain versatility and capabilities for coupling of the parametric design process for measurement systems design using software supported modelling tools. In order to determine the potential utility load, module design and the stability of the system in next chapter model of the system is compared with actual measurement system prototype during experimental testing and evaluation. The error between modelled and real systems is measured and discussed. The final experiment is discussed where rocket motor was tested. Modelled thrust characteristics was compared with measured data for the final discussion and conclusions.

Keywords: rocket motor, thrust, measuring system, modelling, test stand.


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