73. Research of dynamic effects in the process of operation of linear comparator

Artūras Kilikevičius1, Audrius Čereška2, Rimas Maskeliūnas3, Antanas Fursenko4, Valdemar Prokopovič5, Kristina Fursenkienė6, Kristina Kilikevičienė7, Petras Paškevičius8

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, J. Basanavičiaus str. 28, LT-03224 Vilnius, Lithuania

8Kaunas University of Technology, K. Donelaitis str. 73, LT-44249, Kaunas, Lithuania

2Corresponding author

E-mail: 1arturas.kilikevicius@vgtu.lt, 2audrius.cereska@vgtu.lt, 3rimas.maskeliunas@vgtu.lt, 4antanas@golsta.lt, 5valdemar.prokopovic@vgtu.lt, 6krissoja@gmail.com, 7kristina.kilikeviciene@vgtu.lt, 8petras.paskevicius@ktu.lt

(Received 27 May 2015; received in revised form 5 July 2015; accepted 5 August 2015)

Abstract. Topicality of the problem is the fact that in the process of increasing the quality of line scale gage calibration vibrations have substantial influence. In order to assess vibration influence we need to solve a lot of science and engineering tasks. To accomplish mathematical analysis we confronted with a lot of difficulties in creating of the analytical model and in finding of the values of coefficients. For this solution we need to make thorough analysis of the means for line scale measurements, because most of the coefficients we could only find by making experimental measurements and processing of their results.

Keywords: line scale gage, vibration influence, comparator.


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