62. Analytical and computational method of structure‑borne noise and shock resistance of gear system

Zeyin He1, Tengjiao Lin2, Jianjun Song3, Zhijun Wang4, Hongjun Que5

1, 2, 3, 4State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission, Chongqing University,
Chongqing 400030, People’s Republic of China

5CN Gpower Gearbox Co., Ltd., Chongqing 402263, People’s Republic of China

2Corresponding author

E-mail: 1hezeyin@cqu.edu.cn, 2tjlin1968@126.com

(Received 19 August 2014; received in revised form 2 December 2014; accepted 20 December 2014)

Abstract. An approach to synthetically evaluate structure-borne noise and shock resistance of gear system is proposed. Firstly, dynamic finite element mesh model of gear system which includes shafts, bearings, gears and housing is established by using spring element, tetrahedral element and hexahedral element. Then dynamic finite element analysis model of gear system is gotten by loading the dynamic excitation force which can be calculated via the computation program of gear pair stiffness excitation, error excitation and impact excitation onto the tooth meshing line as boundary conditions. And the dynamic response of gear system is analyzed by using modal superposition method, and the vibration response experimental study of gear system is performed on the gearbox test-bed. The comparative analysis shows that computational results of the vibration response are in good agreement with the data of experiment tests and it could verify the rationality of dynamic finite element mesh model of gear system. Finally, taking acceleration shock excitation load into account on the basis of the dynamic finite element mesh model, the impact response of gear system is solved, and the shock resistance is analyzed based on the strength decision criterion.

Keywords: gear dynamics, structure-borne noise, shock resistance.


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