59. Vibration and motor current analysis of induction motors to diagnose mechanical faults

Hakan Çalış

Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering,
Isparta, Turkey

E-mail: hakancalis@sdu.edu.tr

(Received 8 April 2014; received in revised form 25 May 2014; accepted 23 October 2014)

Abstract. Electric motors play an important role in industry, and the induction motors are the most widely used among them. Any motor failure interrupts the process, causes loss of productivity, and may also damages to other machinery. Therefore, to prevent sudden failure of motor (such as on the large or critical motor) it is essential to have an early fault detection mechanism. The work presented in this paper is concerned with the detection of the mechanical faults in three phased induction motors. Motor current signal analysis (MCSA) is used in identification of artificially induced mechanical faults, and it is also supported with vibration signal analysis. The most common mechanical problems; mechanical unbalance, shaft misalignment, and bearing failures are investigated experimentally. The efficacy of MCSA based monitoring for the detection of mechanical faults is demonstrated. Matlab based an automatic peak detection algorithm is also used in this study for determination of changes in signal spectrums.

Keywords: condition monitoring, motor current signal analysis, vibration monitoring, mechanical faults, bearing faults, peak detection.


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