40. Design for data acquisition system of gear measuring center

Rui Wu1, Pei-Fu Chen2, Cheng-Liang Lei3

1Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing, China

2Chongqing Aerospace Polytechnic College, Chongqing, China

3Chongqing High-Tech Innovation Service Center, Chongqing, China

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1ruiwu71716@sina.com, 2cpf6193@163.com, 3reichlei@gmail.com

(Received 8 January 2014; received in revised form 12 January 2014; accepted 17 January 2014)

Abstract. A data acquisition system for Computerized Numerical Control Gear Measurement Center was developed, in which Field-Programmable Gate Array was used as the control core instead of traditional single-chip microcomputer or Digital Signal Processor, First-In First‑Out buffer to hold data, and personal computer bus as data transmission unit. The system performs multichannel data acquisition more efficiently, higher precision and higher rate in real time than the traditional ones. Experimental comparison indicates that the data gathering rate increase twice to 10 kHz, and the uniformly-spaced error is in 1 μm.

Keywords: gear measuring center, data acquisition, FPGA.


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