36. Experimental study on vibration behavior of rotating manipulator in the process of scramming

Zhong Luo1, Changshuai Yu2, Yunpeng Zhu3, Guangkai Chen4

School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1zhluo@mail.neu.edu.cn, 2yu.chang.shuai@163.com, 3270641532@qq.com, 41148564928@qq.com

(Received 12 January 2014; received in revised form 17 January 2014; accepted 22 January 2014)

Abstract. In order to study the vibration behavior of rotating manipulator in the process of scramming, an experimental test is conducted on the vibration behavior during the process on different initial and measuring conditions. Through the experimental test, the vibration behavior exists two impact phenomena, which are found in the scramming process, and the feature extraction of the two impact phenomena is investigated. The dynamics parameters of the rotating manipulator are identified and hammer experiment is done to verify the dynamics parameters. With these parameters, an envelope model of the second impact response is established, and the applicability of the model is validated by experiments. The method of pasting damping layer on the surface of manipulator is employed to inhibit the vibration which is caused by the first impact. Via the experimental verification, the damping layer takes a certain effect on the vibration elimination.

Keywords: manipulator, vibration behavior, hammer test, vibration elimination.


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